Thank you for a wonderful experience in learning and recording Rise and Shine. I thoroughly enjoyed the Sessions from the warm ups to the harmonies that were created. I loved that you taught us various techniques to get more out of our voices. The camaraderie that you helped create between the participants was a bonus. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Thanks also to Bill Atkinson for his professional recording of our efforts. I really found the process and techniques used in recording most interesting. ” - Heather, 11th September, 2021

— Rise N Shine Project

I enjoyed every step of the way in Rise N Shine. Feeling safe making warm up noises in a group, connecting with like minded people, singing an original uplifting song about my region and the recording process. It's been a great experience. I'd love to be involved in further group singing. I've always loved singing but this is the first time in public (other than late night pub sesh or footy club song!s🤣). Thank you for the opportunity Jen.” - Chris, September

— Rise N Shine Project

I felt privileged to be part of this unique and fun experience during the difficult Covid times. How bazaar to be part of a singing workshop and recording where we had to sing with masks on! I loved every minute of it. Even though i had to miss a couple through work commitments i felt included and valued all the time. My confidence in singing has grown and I definitely want to take part in any future events. I am so thankful to Jen for her passion and commitment. Loved the original song and it is embedded in my head forever! ” - Sheena, September, 21

— Rise N Shine Project

Being part of the Rise and Shine team was a great experience. I looked forward to going along to the sessions and mixing with other interesting people. Jen and Bill made us feel welcome each time. We were all individuals with the same interest coming together for fun and learning. The song chosen was an easy to learn, three-part song about Victor Harbor and our beautiful area in general. Our sessions generally started with getting to know you introductions then moved into warmups. The warmups were probably my favourite bit. It was fun to move our bodies, particularly when outside in the sun, project our voices and just let loose. We learnt some voice as well as body warm up actions that made you feel good about yourself. Jen has a wonderful enthusiasm for all people. She has an amazing talent that she is happy to share with others. At our last session we recorded the three parts in our groups. It went very well with the professional equipment and skills that Bill has. Looking forward to hearing the end result! Thank you, Jen and Bill, for your hard work and the wonderful opportunities that you have brought thus far and will hopefully contribute to in our beautiful town. Thanks again.” - Liz September, 22

— Rise N Shine Project

Stay Posted for Song Launch!

International singer-songwriter-singing and music teacher Jen de Ness creates a safe, fun and professional space for you to enjoy this skill based singing course culminating in the excitement of a professional song recording of the “Rise N Shine” original song.

Do you enjoy singing and want to develop your skills?
Would you like to be a part of a vibrant and fun singing and recording project in Victor Harbor?
Would you like to connect with members of your community with similar interests?
Come and join Rise ‘N Shine: Voices of Victor Harbor!

Rise ‘N Shine is a project led by International singer-songwriter-teacher Jen de Ness and funded by the City of Victor Harbor, offering residents of all ages, genders and abilities the opportunity to participate in a fun, skill based 6-week course which includes :

  • Four x 2 hour workshops to develop skills in singing, harmony, improvisation and team building with Jen

  • One x 2-hour warm up recording session support led by professional recording artist Jen

  • One x 2 hour professional recording session of original Rise ‘n Shine song by Ocean Studios Owner and Ex-ABC Senior Sound Engineer, Bill Atkinson.

  • Invitation only CD Launch celebration which includes a Free copy of the CD with professional graphic design 

  • Your opportunity to make new friends, find your voice and SHINE!

What an amazing time I had being involved with the Rise and Shine Choir. The choir gave me the opportunity to sing with a group, something that I have not done for many years and something which I really enjoy doing. I've met new friends through this experience. Jen de Ness provided us with great tutelage and inspired us to have fun while continuing to improve our musical skills. Knowing that the song was going to be professionally recorded gave me incentive to do the best that I could. Understanding that the song is about the place that I now call home made learning the song even more pleasurable. ” - Lyn, September 22, 2021

— Rise N Shine Project

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