Rise N Shine School of Music

I had such an enjoyable journey throughout the six week ''Rise & Shine Singing Programme''. I wasn't sure if I could sing at all, however, with the encouragement Jen gave alongside the warm up exercises and harmonies, I felt confident to join in & sing with the group. I had never sung in a choir before, but after a few lessons I felt I found my singing voice. ” - Vicki

— Rise n Shine Song Project

“Jen De Ness loves making music, and sharing her musical knowledge and skills with beginners, music students and professional musicians. She understands that music making needs to be fun as well as challenging, and she is very enthusiastic and encouraging to her students. Her workshops are creative and joyful. For anyone shy of singing she is kind and gentle and an expert at motivation.” - Margot Boetcher

— Singing Student and Voicedance Singers Project

I felt privileged to be part of this unique and fun experience during the difficult Covid times. How bazaar to be part of a singing workshop and recording where we had to sing with masks on! I loved every minute of it. My confidence in singing has grown and I definitely want to take part in any future events. I am so thankful to Jen for her passion and commitment. Loved the original song and it is embedded in my head forever! ” - Sheena

— Rise N Shine Song Project

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About Jen's Singing, Performance and Songwriting Workshops

Jen is a talented and highly skilled professional singer/songwriter who has much to offer the arts and broader community in a teaching, performance and creative professional development capacity. Jen was comfortable in her role as facilitator and managed to draw out the best in all the members of the group, while at the same time assessing needs and providing the necessary development of skills. At the completion of the project the group decided to source funding to secure Jen for further on-going mentorship and choir development. Jen’s ability to improvise, work in a team and communicate effectively was evident …bringing out the best in all concerned Jen is a committed artist, teacher and composer. At all times I have found her to be cheerful, capable and professional in her approach. I would recommend Jen to any prospective employer within the arts or broader community and would be happy to encourage arts funding support for her future projects.” - Loretta Martella, GENERAL MANAGER KULCHA CLUB